Adapting Tech by Apple


Andreas Bahr, Staff Writer

Due to the Coronavirus people are having to stay inside for longer periods of time than we are used to, giving tech companies the perfect opportunity to unveil their latest and greatest pieces of technology. Electronics such as home consoles and tv’s have been around for quite a while, but are now seeing increasing usage with people having to stay inside more. Whether these are used for streaming shows, playing video games, or keeping up with current events in the news, it seems like we all are using some sort of electronic to help us get through this difficult time.
One notorious tech giant that had made a recent appearance would be Apple. With their conference on October 13th, they showed off their newest products. The iPhone 12, along with its other models, being the Mini, Pro, and Pro Max, were shown off to the world. The phone will be able to utilize 5G and ultra wideband, which will help people stay connected. Another piece of hardware that was presented was the HomePod Mini, a smaller, more affordable model of the base HomePod, which is a smart speaker that can play music and connect to Apple’s AI assistant Siri. These new electronics will help people stay connected to each other without having to face the risks of meeting face to face.
Technology such as new phones aren’t the only electronics helping us get through this difficult time. Equipment such as ventilators and laryngoscopes can not only help treat and diagnose patients with coronavirus, but other illnesses as well. Without these medical supplies, treatment would be much more difficult for both the doctors and the patients, and diagnosis would not be as easy to determine. No matter how small or complicated today’s technology is, it has made the current situation a little bit easier to live through.