Manogue students’ creative Homecoming asks


Mary Redl-Harge gets asked to Homecoming with a puppy!

Eleanor Salkoff, Editor-in-Chief

Manogue students get creative and show off their best Homecoming asks!  Here are the favorites of 2017, including varsity volleyball players, baseball players, football players, basketball players and more!

Sophomore Kylie Wornardt gets asked by Vai Kaho.
Sophomore Kate Kassity gets asked by football player, Curtis Luckadoo.
Sophomore and varsity basketball player Kenna Holt gets asked to homecoming.
Senior, Bekah Gonzalez gets asked to Homecoming by Junior, Noah Columbo.
Junior and varsity volleyball player Sophi le Blanc gets asked by football player, Chandon Pierre.
Volleyball player, Gianna Valera, gets asked by senior varsity baseball player, Jonas Whitten.
Varsity volleyball player, Mary Redl-Harge, gets asked to homecoming with a puppy!