Accreditation Aspiration


Manogue seniors at graduation

Kalle Bailey, News Reporter

This year, Bishop Manogue Catholic High School will be completing the last step of its Accreditation process. Manogue is accredited by 2 professional teams, the Western Catholic Education Association (WECA) and AdvancED. This review takes place every 6 years, depending on results from previous reviews; and is not only vital to the institution itself, but also to the student body. “We have been preparing for Accreditation for 2 years as a faculty and staff. The preparation ends with a 4-day visit that begins on Tuesday [Feb 20]. You will see 8 educators from other places in the western United States in our building all next week,” states Mrs. Thoreson. High schools, colleges and universities who attain Accreditation status means that the “…institution meets or exceeds minimum standards of quality; [and] employers often require evidence that applicants have received a degree from an accredited school” (

Manogue is a faith–based community whose mission statement includes 4 components of Integral Student Outcomes (ISO): Faith, Leadership, Knowledge, and Compassion. Upon graduation, a BMCHS student should be well-rounded in these specific areas. They will have an understanding of the Catholic faith, demonstrate ethical behavior, critical thinking, and respect all people.

The school administration will need to demonstrate that since the last Accreditation review, the Mission Statement has been successfully met. In addition, the Accreditation team reviews data that has been collected in such areas as student support, school organization and fiscal status, among others. This Accreditation process, imperative to Bishop Manogue’s academic reputation, also determines areas of school strengths and makes recommendations for improvements. This very comprehensive procedure “…requires rigorous self-evaluation and [provides] an independent, objective appraisal of the overall educational quality” ( of the school. BMCHS continues to uphold these standards and strives for ways to continually grow and evolve.