Pugs – “Clownfish of the Dog World”


Mr. Heywood’s Pugs, Olive and Woody, pictured on a snowy walk. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Heywood)

Adrianna Osmetti, News Editor

Mr. Heywood pictured with his pugs, Olive and Woody, as he reads a book and provides a comfortable lap. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Heywood)

The Pug Club, founded just last year by former seniors Leah Paquette and Claire Hall, has quickly grown into one of the most popular clubs at Manogue. It began as a fun place for students to gather and just enjoy the Pugs; but this year the club is working to become more involved in community service  by raising money for animal shelters. The club leaders are pug-enthusiasts, chemistry teacher, Mr. Heywood and junior, Catherine Hammond, who want to share the joy their dogs bring them with the students of Manogue.

“The Pug’s motto is the Latin phrase “multum in parvo” (a lot in a little)” (http://www.akc.org), a moniker that perfectly captures the spirit of this small companion dog most widely recognized for its sense of humor and distinct round face, wrinkled muzzle and large eyes. This is what made Heywood fall in love with the breed in the first place. His first experience with them was as a college student, and his parents inherited a Pug. Being used to big dogs, Heywood was “dead set against it,” adding that, “I didn’t want a stupid little dog!” But Heywood was hooked. The Pug’s outward appearance made him laugh and to this day, he calls any Pug the “clownfish of the dog world.” He is now the proud owner of two Pugs, Olive and Woody. Olive is 13 but Woody is a much younger man at just 3 years old. Woody is Heywood’s “little buddy” who is very playful and goes with him everywhere.

Catherine pictured with her pug, Beatrice. (Photo courtesy of Catherine Hammond)

Catherine, the Pug Club president, has a 2-year-old Pug, Beatrice, she received as a surprise 16th birthday present. She loves “everything about her” which includes Beatrice excitedly greeting her at the door whenever she comes home. One of Beatrice’s comical nightly antics begins with her repeatedly running in circles around the living room. This has become such a common occurrence in the Hammond household that they have started calling it her “running around time.” Inside and out, these quirky companions offer personality-plus and personify the testimony: “Pugs live to love and to be loved in return” (http://www.akc.org).
At a typical meeting, other Pug Club members get a chance to play with Olive, Woody, and Beatrice which is Haywood’s favorite part because he loves “watching the kids playing with these dogs and being excited about them.” Catherine enjoys having a “fun way to interact with the dogs,” and these meetings provide an ideal opportunity for her and other students to unwind from their hectic school schedules. It also provides the Pugs with a chance to socialize with more people. Recently, the club hosted a bake sale to raise money for local animal rescue shelters who work to help dogs that are not as lucky as Olive, Woody, and Beatrice. Manogue is lucky to host this unique organization; and it is a safe bet that Heywood and Catherine will not be the only Manogue Pug owners for long!