Mr. Greenfield in a Nutshell!


Mr. Greenfield’s family poses for a family picture. Pictured: Mr. Greenfield, Mara (2), Lisa, Owen (4) Photo courtesy of Mr. Greenfield

Maddy Lister, Staff Reporter

Meet Mr. Greenfield, a new addition to the Bishop Manogue family. Greenfield moved to Reno just a few weeks before the start of the school year, only having a small amount of time to adjust to the Northern Nevada climate after living in Arizona. Originally from Montana, he attended college at Montana State in Bozeman, receiving his Bachelor’s and Ph.D. in Physics. After finishing his graduate degree, with no intention of enduring another freezing winter, he moved out to Arizona. Greenfield believes that Reno will be a good balance because it “won’t be as cold as Montana and not as hot as Arizona.” He hopes that his family will be able to enjoy themselves in the summer months after Arizona’s extreme summer heat kept them inside for most of the season. Mr. Greenfield has two kids: a two-year-old daughter, Mara, and a four-year-old son, Owen. His wife, Lisa, is an emergency doctor at Renown Hospital. Additionally, his family includes two dogs: Bella, a Golden Retriever, and Farley, a Brittany. 

Mr. Greenfield teaching his son, Noah, about the stars. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Greenfield)

Greenfield is part of both Manogue’s Science and Math departments, teaching Geometry, Financial Algebra, and Physics. Although he loves teaching, Greenfield first considered theoretical research as his career path, but decided he “couldn’t spend all day working on a computer.”  Out of his three classes, his favorite to teach is Physics, referring to it as his “bread and butter”. In his months of living in Reno and teaching at Manogue, Greenfield has thoroughly enjoyed his time here. He feels that there a lot of outstanding students and fellow teachers to work with. As a whole, the school provides a welcoming atmosphere for new teachers, like Mr. Greenfield, and a good balance of teaching and communicating with students. He is able to interact with everyone instead of sitting at his desk all day, something that is important to him. With Mr. Greenfield’s experience and background, he will be a wonderful addition to the Bishop Manogue community. If any of his students are interested in getting on his sweet side, Mr. Greenfield shared that his favorite dessert is cherry pie! 

The Greenfield Family getting ready to take a ride on the Polar Express. (Photo courtesy of Mr. Greenfield)