Brian, Manogue’s Invaluable Behind-the-Scenes Presence


Brian Gurczynski poses for a picture next to Jesus.

Josh Mercer, Staff Reporter

Bishop Manogue sets itself apart because of the phenomenal people who work to make the school incredible. Some of Manogue’s best staff members are the custodial staff who are hardworking and endlessly friendly. Not to mention, they can help you open your locker if you’re in a jam.

Brian Gurczynski, Manogue’s head custodian of eight years, works to keep the school beautiful for every student to enjoy and learn in the best environment possible. He loves Manogue because of the opportunity “to watch the progression of the students.” He frequently attends sporting events to cheer on the student-athletes and always can be seen with a smile on his face. Alyssa Poudrier, senior, shares that he is “kind” and “looks out for every student.” He “enjoys” the “atmosphere” of the school and is one of the biggest contributors to creating it.

Gurczynski’s compassion for the students is a calming presence in our, sometimes, chaotic school. Manogue would not be the same without him, so the next time you see him in the hallway make sure to say thank you because he is always there helping you.