Youth OnFire


OnFire retreat attendees at Six Flags.

Emmanuel Reyes, Staff Reporter

Catholic youth went to set the world OnFire at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo on September 15. OnFire is an all day praise and worship event, with lots of food and new people to meet. As the event began, there was an air of excitement and anticipation. Many of the youth were excited to see friends from previous camps and retreats. OnFire provided them all with the opportunity to come together and praise God.

For first timer Josue, it was an overwhelming and joyous experience. With music in the air and high-fives flying all around, he didn’t know what to expect throughout the day. For Ivette, an OnFire veteran, her favorite part is coming to make new friends and was excited for another retreat. As the day went on, she said that “her favorite part was the concerts they had.” The large variety of performers it gave her a new outlook on Christian music. Ivette also shared that, “one of the best parts of OnFire is to see all of the youth participating.”

OnFire and all of the attendees recommend going, but say it is best to go with someone you know. The retreat is like a family and no matter what, all fit in. It offers something for everyone, a way to meet new people, and motivation to keep growing in your faith. So next time if a friend invites you, take a chance and say yes to God’s call.