Finals Week Survival Guide


Emmanuel Reyes, Staff Reporter

The end of the semester is right around the corner, so here are some important dates that you must know. Following after the dates will be some helpful tips on how to survive this stressful time.

Dead Days:

Dec. 13 (Thurs). Early release for all grades @1

Dec. 14 (Fri). Early release for all grades @1


Dec. 17 (Mon). Early release for all grades @11:15

Dec. 18 (Tues). Early release for all grades @11:15

Dec. 19 (Wed). Early release for all grades @11:15

Dec. 20 (Thurs). Early release for all grades @11:15

Winter Break Begins:

Dec. 21 (Fri)


Finals week is a very stressful time of the year, because it can make or break the grade you want. To ease your stress, here several tips on how to make this year’s finals go smoother.

  1.    Make sure you choose your study place carefully:

Where you choose to study, plays a very important role on how you perform during your final. When you take your final, you will most likely be in a quiet environment. Try to find somewhere quiet, organized, and with no distractions to study.

  1.    Prioritize:

To succeed during finals week, you must have a game plan. Strategize, break up, and study for your finals. You will find this as an easy solution to eliminate stress. Start with recognizing what classes you need to perform best in.

  1.    Utilize study groups:

Study groups may be a very useful resource, as long as you work. Within study groups you are able to collaborate with one another and brainstorm ideas.

  1.    Take a break:

With all of this studying, you need to take a break. You might be over-stressing and sometimes the best cure for this is to take a step back. Throughout the semester you have accumulated more information than you might think. Do as Mr. Glogovac says, “take a brain break”. Many that have had Mr. Glogovac are very aware of the benefits and you can take advantage of them too!