Preston Helu Commits to Idaho State


Preston Helu commits to Idaho State University. Photo courtesy of Preston Helu.

Maddy Lister, Reporter

Preston Helu, Bishop Manogue Linebacker, will be heading to play football at Idaho State University in the fall. Starting from the beginning, Helu began playing his beloved sport in fifth grade, and has now fulfilled a dream of his to continue to play football in college at Idaho State University.

Helu was recruited by other schools but chose Idaho State as his docking station for the next four years. He believes this is a good spot for him because of the vibe and “the culture” the school provides. Helu is most looking forward to “play college football” at Idaho State and is excited about the activities the town offers, especially “fly fishing.”

If given the opportunity, Helu would want to play professionally for the Ravens and potentially study pre-med at Idaho state even though he is currently undecided. He is interested in this major as the school is known for its pre-med program.

Leaving Manogue, Helu cherishes some values instilled in him by Coach Halloran, including to be a good person no matter what, especially if it comes to losing a game. A big challenge Helu had faced in his time playing football was not playing in certain games due to a shoulder injury. Despite this injury, throughout his experience with football Helu finds himself admiring Sean Taylor, for his ability to hit hard with no fear around it, and is a role model for himself. He is excited about his future at Idaho State and for the team he is playing for. He already knows some of his teammates which is something he is looking forward to and to reunite with the people he met on his college visit. With this new change coming up in the fall, Helu is both excited and also nervous to leave home and live farther away. Helu understands that working hard is what gets you far in life and hopes to inspire other athletes at Manogue who want to play collegiate football to “work harder than everyone else.”  Congratulations Preston, and good luck in Idaho!