A Day in the Life of a Student Council Member


Julianna Laxague, Staff Reporter

When reflecting on a memorable year of high school, students typically remember the big events– the first spirit week, Homecoming, Winterfest, everyone’s favorite rally, and the best-themed game. But where do all these amazing days come from? Well, student council, of course. To get the inside scoop on what it’s like behind the scenes, we asked Annika Sexton, the Student Body President, what a day in the life of Bishop Manogue’s Student Council was like.
Annika starts her day by leading our school in prayer, whether it be over the intercom or on Miner TV, every single morning. She then heads to the Student Council room and starts to go over the game plan for the day with her advisor, Shelley Gamble. Together, they discuss certain topics and events coming up. They involve the whole class, break off into specific groups, and everyone starts “doing their thing.”

Most times when there’s a specific theme for the game, everyone accepts it, gets dressed up, and there isn’t much thought about it. When asked how everyone decides on a theme for every game, Annika says that she “likes to talk to Jack Weise, Jack Woodhead, and Jax Pieretti, figure out what works best for each school, and then decide as a group and send it out to the rest of the school.” On the other hand, when trying to figure out themes for dances, she asks the entire class for ideas, they vote on them, elaborate, and go from there. “Mr. Lazarek usually has a lot to say about the themes,” she says. “If he doesn’t like them, it’s a no go.”
Planning events like Winterfest is not just an easy, one day type of thing. Sexton says it takes nearly five weeks to have a successful event. When the day of the event finally comes, our student council is working nonstop. For the day of an event like a rally, it’s a process that takes all day. Student council and the rally committee get to school at 7:15 AM, miss all of their classes, and set up to make it the best they can for everyone. For the dances, they typically set up the morning of, and a committee gets the backdrop, as well as makes sure the stage and decorations are set up. This process takes about twenty people in order for it to be done in an efficient amount of time. “Everyone contributes because we just want to make it as fun as possible for all of the students,” says Annika.

Annika Sexton reported that one of the hardest aspects of student council is fundraising. They hold bake sales, dress down days, and other events. “It’s difficult because our fundraising is based on student participation. So when we get complaints about events, it is something that everyone has to contribute to make better.

Aside from fundraising and promoting school spirit, student council is always planning something new. They help the administration with things like Open House Night, school tours, and greeting the accreditation team. Bishop Manogue simply wouldn’t be the same without the energy and spirit of our student council!