America’s Anticipation


courtesy of politico

Keely Sexton, Staff Writer

This year’s presidential election in the United States is undoubtedly one of the most controversial elections the country has had, with President Donald J. Trump as the republican candidate and former Vice President Joseph R Biden Jr. as the democratic candidate. The people of America are torn apart with a strong, definite stance to their side. COVID-19 has had a substantial impact on normality all around the world, and this election is no exception. People are afraid to be out of their covid-free safety zones and will not go into polling stations to vote. Instead, many have chosen to cast mail-in ballots. While it is a good back up option to have, it does leave the higher possibility of tampered or lost ballots and has elongated the election results time.

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Come November 3rd, most every American was eagerly watching each state count their votes and decide red or blue. Some states were very efficient in counting, and others have been taking their time. Overnight, however, many Americans woke up to a surprise of undecided swing states switching candidates. With suspicious activity from certain states, many Americans wonder if votes and results were tampered with. President Trump is currently discussing with lawyers about investigating and suing individual states for potential fraud. With unrest across the country, one thing is known: these swing states play the biggest role in deciding who the next United States president will be. The state of Nevada is currently the most watched state in the nation, being the only state where the people truly do not know where it will land. With six electoral votes, it may just be the state that calls this election. Though, no matter how this election turns out, it is crucial Americans stand together in support of their next president wishing and praying him the best for running the “Land of the Free.”