The NFL Playoffs


Carson Coleman, Staff Writer

The NFL is nearing its end with some of the best football that we could ask for. Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs ended on Sunday, the 17th of January and so far these games have been amazing to watch. Starting with Super Wild Card Weekend, we had six games that were extremely fun to watch. The Colts vs The Bills, The Ravens vs The Titans, The Steelers vs The Browns, The Buccaneers vs The Washington Football Team, The Saints vs The Bears, and The Seahawks vs The Rams. The two teams that had a bye week from the first round were the Packers and the Chiefs.

The first game of the week was the Colts vs The Bills. This was a very exciting game that came down to the final play off the game. The two teams went back and forth many times until the Colts just couldn’t score in the final minute of the game. The next game was the Rams vs The Seahawks. This was a surprising game. The Rams completely shut down Russell Wilson and his Seahawks and won using a quarterback with a broken thumb. The final game of Saturday, the 10th, was The Buccaneers vs The Washington Football Team. This game was the only Wildcard game that wasn’t surprising. Tom Brady and his Bucs made quick work of the 7-9 Washington Football Team.

The next day, Sunday the 11th, were the other 3 Wild Card games. The first game was The Ravens vs The Titans. The Titans were expected to win this matchup but the Ravens were on a six game winning streak and came out on top of this one. The next game was the Bears vs The Saints. This was an interesting game because it was shown on Nickelodeon. There were actors as announcers and some CGI that was unnecessary and the all around experience felt like they were trying to make football for little kids, I did not think it was a good idea. The Saints jumped out to an early lead and never gave it up and the Bears quarterback, Mitch Trubisky, was voted the “NVP” the Nick Best Player. The final, and most shocking game of Wild Card Weekend was the Steelers vs the Browns. The Steelers had a few mistakes and the Browns got an early 28-0 lead in the first. The Steelers were close to coming back but late in the 4th the Browns scored a touchdown that secured their victory.

The next week was the Divisional round. There were 4 games this week. The Saints vs the Bucs, The Browns vs the Chiefs, The Rams vs The Packers, and The Bills vs The Ravens. These games mostly went as expected. Three out of the four better ranked teams won their games. The Chiefs victimized the Browns, the Bills completely obliterated The Ravens, and the Packers wiped the floor with The Rams. The final and best game of the week was the Bucs vs The Saints, a game everyone expected the Saints to win.

The two quarterbacks of these teams were both future hall-of-famers and NFL Legends. Drew Brees for the Saints and Tom Brady for the Bucs. While Drew had all of the NFL records under his belt, Brady had a lot more playoff experience and six rings. Brady was also considered the greatest quarterback of his age and of all time. Drew Brees being the second best of his age. The game started out surprisingly and the Bucs held the Saints to only six points before scoring a touchdown and a field goal to make it 13-6, the Saints then answered with a field goal to tie the game up at halftime.

The second half was different, in the second half Brees made the mistake of giving the ball back to Brady without scoring, only he did this five times. The Bucs used Drew’s gifts and won the game, knocking the Saints out of the playoffs. The Saints playoff story is tragic. The last four years being robbed and beaten and never being able to make it all the way to the Super Bowl, this was their last chance. And as Drew Brees walked off the field, beaten, he took one last look at his home, his field, as it will be the last time he steps off it as quarterback.

The Championship games are set, the Bills vs the Chiefs and the Bucs vs the Packers. This week will be interesting, Patrick Mahomes, of the Chiefs, might be out with a concussion and that could mean the Bills will have a cakewalk to the superbowl. These games are going to be fun to watch, let’s go see who gets to the peak of Everest, the Holy Grail, the Super Bowl.