How the Wildfires are Affecting Reno, Nevada



A firefighter battles the Creek Fire as it threatens homes in the Cascadel Woods neighborhood of Madera County, Calif., on Monday, Sept. 7, 2020. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

Simone Miller, Staff Writer

Dangerous wildfires are spreading across the west coast. This is the worst season of wildfires the United States has ever experienced. If you’re not affected by the wildfires you are affected by the thick smoke that has been settling into the valleys. Personally, I cannot stay outside for very long because smoke headaches come easily with the continuous falling of ash.

Wildfire season starts around mid-July and continues through August and even stretches into September. Wildlife everywhere is suffering greatly from loss of habitat, loss of food, and terrible breathing conditions. People are losing their homes and belongings. One of the most significant fires in California is the Dixie Fire. This wildfire has threatened many different communities in Northern California and the smoke travels over into Reno, where we are located. In Reno we have not seen the sky in about two weeks and the sun is orange or not seen at all. My family and other residents are even afraid to let our pets out into the harsh smoke because the air quality outside is so bad.

Despite there being large burns in California the wildfires are taking over the states of Oregon and Utah. The fires everywhere are not even 50% under control so everyone is praying for the safety of their families and friends.