Should Businesses Be Worried About Closing Their Doors Again?


Megan Drake, Staff Writer

Back in June the Truckee Bagel Company reopened one of their locations in Midtown. The company also went back to being able to have customers dine-in, instead of take-out being the only option. This is good for the business because for a while they only had one open location. It also brought both new and old customers back to the stores. I feel like a few months ago many small businesses in the Reno area could relate to only having one location open, or none at all. I hope these businesses get a chance to stay open and not have to worry about closing.

As more time passes the number of Covid cases continue to rise, not just in the Reno area but all over the country. I think this affects everyone, especially people who own businesses. Just like last year Covid cases are rising at a rapid rate, but this time there is more than one variant of the virus, which means that the virus is becoming harder to control. I think, as the Delta variant continues to get worse, all local and small businesses have a fear that they might have to close their stores down once again. This could be very harmful for our local economy, and for the livelihood of many in our community.

I hope that these businesses can continue to remain open during the pandemic and not have to worry about closing down, and I’m sure that the owners of these businesses can agree with me. Keeping these businesses open can help not only the owners but the economy in places like Reno, and different cities and towns all over the country.