Tennis is Back!


Cedar Summersett

This year tennis is right on time, putting last year’s tennis to shame, and they had their first couple of games last week! All turned out well, and people are starting to get excited for the new season and are hopeful that they will go undefeated.

With all of the smoke going around they hadn’t been able to practice much, and had to settle for team meetings where they talked about strategy and how they are going to stay on top, although they turned out to be pretty helpful. “They have been really useful,” says sophomore Masato Kato. “We’ve been able to get our practices in so we can play, while being able to talk about the sides of tennis you don’t normally think of.” However, some are definitely ready to get back out onto the courts and stop with all the talk. “Even though talking strategy is good for a little while, I would still like to be able to go outside and practice some games first,” said freshman Ryder Kiel.

With the smoke blowing out the Miners on Friday, they were finally able to have their match against Carson, albeit delayed by one day. They were able to crush Carson with a score of 17-1 meaning every player except for one won their match, so it ended up being a quick match.

They are hoping to beat Reno, and be able to progress to the state championship. Hopefully they can make it, and beat Bishop Gorman in state!