The Christmas Creep


Steven Salas

I believe Christmas starts after Thanksgiving for many reasons, and I feel passionate that Thanksgiving is such an important holiday that Christmas can’t take over the entire season. Thanksgiving is a holiday that is so valuable to us as Americans because we give thanks and gratitude to the people around us and our loved ones, which is much more important than Christmas, which isn’t for another two months.

Christmas season should start the day after Thanksgiving and go until the day after New Years. Christmas music is only fun to listen to for so long, and most people get sick of Christmas music before Christmas even starts. If Christmas starts on the day after Thanksgiving then there’s only one month of music. It’s just the right amount of time to be able to listen right up to Christmas Day.

In the Catholic Church, the Advent calendar doesn’t start until the first of December. This means that Christmas cannot start earlier than Thanksgiving because it’s not even on the calendar yet. So as Catholics the Christmas season starts after Thanksgiving. I think that it would be disrespectful to the season of Thanksgiving and our loved ones around us to skip the holiday, or even think about it for only three days.

In conclusion, it is highly popular to celebrate Christmas during November and December. In my opinion, we should give each holiday their respective months because rushing into Christmas doesn’t give us the time to appreciate Thanksgiving, and both holidays should have their own month to be celebrated, especially that Christmas still lasts longer after the holiday into new years.