Spring Semester Begins With Caution as Covid Cases Rise


Baylee Brown, Staff Writer

Bishop Manogue Catholic High School returns to class for a spring semester amidst rising numbers of Covid cases. As of January 10, the first day back at school, there were almost 18,000 confirmed new cases of Covid in the state of Nevada. In Washoe County alone there were almost 2,000 new cases. With Covid spreading around the state, what is Manogue doing to keep kids in class? For the first month or so of school, students will have the option to stay home and attend classes via zoom, and they are encouraged to do so if they feel ill or are experiencing symptoms of Covid.

Thankfully, school events are still in full swing despite the growing danger. Basketball games are still open for spectators, given that they are all wearing masks according to Washoe County’s mask mandates and social distancing guidelines. The team is even traveling to play in tournaments, the most recent being in southern California. Kairos is still happening, although the retreat has been postponed until February 20-22. All students attending the trip are required to get Covid tests to ensure total safety. So far, everything is going well. Students are in class, with very very few people attending via zoom.