JA Storms Manogue


Simone Miller, Detail Staff

Manogue students will be making their way to the Junior Assembly dance on February 5th. This is a special organization that gives out scholarships to the attendees when they are seniors. The attendees are kids from schools all around Reno.

The dance is exciting to be invited to, but the rules of the dance are very enforced. The girls and boys have to follow a strict dress code, and if they fail to follow these rules they will be asked to leave the dance. The girls are required to wear conservative floor length gowns and the boys have to wear a tuxedo. This dance has been going on for decades and they have followed the same rules since the beginning.

Since the date of the dance is creeping closer the talk is surrounding Manogue. The dance included preparations for getting flowers, altering dresses, renting tuxedos, etc. The stress is put on everyone and their families so the sponsors hold meetings. The sponsors are great with communication and can help relieve the stress from attendees and their families.

Overall the dance is a combination of stress and excitement. The process people go through after being invited can be exhausting but the talk around it makes it a very prestigious event to be invited to. We wish the Manogue kids good luck at the dance and make sure to have fun!