Valentine’s Day is the Worst Holiday

Valentines Day is the Worst Holiday

Addyson Esslin, Staff Writer

I think that Valentine’s Day is overrated and is an excuse to eat chocolate, which is the only good part about it. The holiday is extremely superficial and useless for people in or out of a relationship.
You might have heard this before, but Valentine’s Day is supposedly just a holiday for candy, cards, and flower companies. I believe this is true, because Valentine’s day is one of the biggest days for these companies and makes up for a good percentage of their profit, just behind Halloween. The fact that these companies advertise and make you feel guilty for not getting your significant other anything expensive is extremely rude. They make it seem that you need to spend hundreds of dollars to show your love, while any romantic or nice gesture would do.

Valentine’s Day is also the most overrated holiday. On Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter, you are spending time with family and enjoying their company. On other holidays like Halloween, Saint Patrick’s Day, or the 4th of July you have fun and spend time with both friends and family. On Valentine’s day you spend meaningless time with only one person and you might not have any fun at all. You also have to stress about picking out something romantic instead of going with the flow and having fun. If you’re like me you have nothing planned but don’t have to spend any unnecessary money on chocolate or a gift. I think that all single people should come together and have fun living their single life(which is much better in my opinion).

Valentine’s day is an overrated day full of overrated gifts and candy. Why can’t you just spoil your significant other everyday instead of making it a holiday to spoil them?