Miners Softball Endures Cold, Dominates Weekend at Yerington


Lacey Grimes, Staff Writer

Bishop Manogue Softball team won all 4 of their games this last weekend in Yerington.

The Miners first game was on Friday against Wooster. That game was an easy win for the Miners with Riley Wyman and Avery Marron pitching. Riley started that game off strong with all 3 strikeouts in a row! The Miners had won that game 10-0.

The next game was against Hug and that of course was a win for the Miners. The Miners started off on offense with the pitcher walking all three of the first batters. Lilly Foster was pitching that game and didnt let any runs score the second inning. That was a great win for the Miners with the score 19-6 and 12 long hours of softball.

Saturday morning was an early morning for the Miners, Their first game was at 11 against Dayton. Avery started that game off with a strong hit towards center and a stolen base for second. With Riley pitching that first inning, we were in the game. Riley struck out all 3 batters in a row with no hits off her. When the second inning came, Avery was ready to pitch. Avery then caught a fly ball in the pitcher’s spot and got the batter out at first. The Miners won that game as well with the score being 12-6.

The last game against Bishop was cold. It was snowing the whole game. All of the players were frozen with blankets covering them and 3 sweatshirts on some players. Riley pitched that whole game with it being 32 degrees out and snowing. It was a hard game for the Miners but they played through it. They had only played 4 innings with the score being 17-1. At the end of that game everyone was all ready to get in our warm cars and finally head back home.

All in all the Miners Varsity softball team won all 4 of their games easily and played amazing. Coaches Mrs. Hunt and Mrs. Gwinn were proud of their girls, and Mr. Laz, who made it out to the games on Friday, was proud of them as well.