“The Babysitter: Killerqueen” Review

The Babysitter: Killerqueen Review

Cole Rodriguez, Staff Writer

This is a 2020 Netflix original that is the sequel to 2017’s The Babysitter. It’s directed by McG, a well regarded director known for directing classics like Terminator Salvation (2009) and Charlie’s Angles: Full Throttle (2003). With a very eclectic cast from unknowns such as Judah Lewis and some of the greats like Samara Weaving and Jenna Ortega (known for being the hottest girl on the planet). As said by Phoebe in the movie: “It’s one of the four sequels in cinematic history that supersedes the original.” So I’d like to share with you the reasons why you should watch this movie!

The movie takes place two years after the events of the first, where Cole (Played by Judah Lewis) survived a cult ritual held by his demonic babysitter Bee (Played Samara Weaving). Long story short, he fights off all the cult members ending the ritual before they could even start it. The unfortunate issue is that once all the cult members died, all of their ritualistic items, the devil’s book, and their bodies, all disappeared. Leaving nothing behind to prove these things happened, Cole looks crazy to everyone around him.

In the sequel, school for Cole is very difficult, as he’s made fun of by everyone. Never catching a break from the ridicule, he finds solace only in his childhood friend and recurring character Melanie (Played by Emily Alyn Lind). Melanie thinks it would be a great idea for Cole to leave school and his life behind for a weekend and go up to the lake with her and everyone else for a party. He instantly agrees, hopping in her dad’s “Borrowed” sports car and cruising down to the lake.

Of course, since it’s a horror movie, something inevitably bad happens. Cole escapes the party where he meets up with a girl named Phoebe (Played by Jena Ortega) on her own mission. The unlikely pair soon form a group surviving the night fighting off anything that comes their way. As expected, they start to form a really deep and meaningful friendship, speaking their minds and keeping each other safe. Later into their eventful night, they wind up getting cornered by the villain and soon get separated. Phoebe gets kidnapped by the villain and Cole gets knocked out and carted as far away from the lake as possible. He soon comes to realize what’s happening on a mission to change the events that had just transpired. On a mission to end everything for good and to save his new found friend.

After surviving yet another traumatic experience it kind of put Cole back into the swing of things. With him being more adjusted and relaxed than ever. No one at his school knows what went down at the lake almost reminiscent of the night all those years ago with his babysitter. Finding solace in his new found place in the world, with his new found friend, Cole is finally at peace and away from the anguish and ever reaching hand of the evil that follows him around.