Balloon Races to Continue Despite Smoky Skies


Photo: Pyronimbus cloud courtesy of PG&E

Ludmilla Marincic, Staff Writer

With the smoke pouring into Reno from the Mosquito fire and Barnes fire, locals wonder if the beloved Balloon Races will continue as usual.

A large pyronimbus cloud obscured the sky Thursday, September 8, and overnight collapsed to fill the valley with a thick haze. The lowered visibility has not only the potential to make the Balloon Races hard to see, but also dangerous. The Reno Air Quality Index found “the area around Rancho San Rafael Park to have a 117 in air quality”. Making this environment potentially dangerous for those who are sensitive to air quality. Additionally, the warm air could complicate the flight systems for the balloons, which usually work better under cooler conditions.

Despite the setbacks, the Races are expected to take place and countdown their “glow” at 7:00 tomorrow morning.