Bishop Manogue’s Return to In-Person Learning


Amanda Yount, Staff Writer

Bishop Manogue is scheduled to return to in-person learning on Monday, September 12 after flooding shut down the school for two weeks. Due to severe damages to the math and science wing that require extensive repairs, drastic changes have been made to the bell schedule, block schedule, and class locations.

A break in a main waterline on the south end of campus caused severe damage, which will require extensive repairs over the next semester. Until classrooms are deemed usable again, many classes will be relocated to different spaces around campus. To accommodate for the new locations of some classrooms, school administrators have decided to extend passing periods and cancel breaks to give students more time to get to their new class locations. Also, Monday will be changed to a regular block day because all eight classes and the extended passing periods can’t fit into the schedule for these days. The school expressed their optimism about the return to campus in an informative email they sent to all students and parents, “This situation and setback is not exactly what we anticipated for the beginning of the school year, but we know the spirit, faith, and resilience of our BMCHS Family is up for this challenge!”

The school administration hopes the damages caused by the flood will be repaired by December. Fortunately, some classrooms might be restored sooner, so classes may return to their original location before the end of the semester. Students can check to see where their classes have been moved to in the email with the subject line “BMCHS Flood Update + Info” in their inboxes. A flood update section will also be included in the weekly wire to keep students and their families informed about restoration progress and updated timelines for repairs.