Smoke Rolls Into Reno, Bringing Unhealthy Air Quality With It


Courtney Potter, Staff Writer

Reno and Tahoe are expected to experience levels of air quality that the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection has deemed “hazardous” and “very dangerous” through the weekend, and possibly longer.
Wednesday night, smoke rolled in from the Mosquito Fire, which is burning in El Dorado and Placer counties in California. There are several other fires burning in California, which will heavily contribute to the air quality crisis.
As a result of the dangerous air quality, activities, sports games, and practices are pending cancellation. Junior class president Amaya Aramini expresses her concern for the cancellations, saying, “The smoke ultimately makes me sad. It reminds me a lot of last year when all of our activities and sporting events got canceled due to the smoke. I hope the fires clear out soon and all are safe so we can continue to have a great start of the school year!”