Bishop Manogue Plays Nail-Biting Game Against Reno High


Alex Jaffe, Staff Writer

This past week, arguably two of the biggest high school rivals, Reno High and Bishop Manogue boys basketball, played a nail biting game. The stands were packed with fans. Even the Manogue students thought they were packed, with Nola Jaffe, sophomore, saying, “They were so full we couldn’t get down the stairs, it was crazy.”

Reno and Manogue are two of the best boys varsity basketball teams in the league, and this is prevalent looking at their win loss records. Manogue is 9-4, and Reno is sitting at 9-3. This past game vs Manogue put them in the lead, but regardless the game still came down to the wire, with many of the fans tense during the tie breaking free throws. Both of the student sections were roaring as each team took their turn.

As the clock ran out, the score sat at 50-52, but the Manogue side never lost hope as the boys’ chucked the ball as far as they could toward the basket only to miss their last shot. The final buzzer rang and the Reno student section celebrated.

Overall both teams played very hard. Bishop Manogue’s team this season has been very good, and just a few days ago the team played Galena and won by more than 20 points! We hope to see them continue winning this season. Good luck boys!