Boys Varsity Basketball Dominates Reed in Final Regular Season Game


Julianna Flores, Staff Writer

Bishop Manogue boys varsity basketball moves on to the Northern 5A playoff tournament after sweeping Reed 72-34. On the Wednesday night game, the miners destroyed the raiders with excellent teamwork and skill.

The tipoff started and the ball was immediately in the Miner’s possession. Jordan Morency made 3-pointers left and right. Ending the first quarter 16-7, the Miners dominated the court with swift offensive plays. During the second quarter, Manogue fouled several times, leading Reed to get into possession quite a bit. Despite this, Dominic Zaccheo (22) and Isaiah Garcia (11) continued to demonstrate excellent defensive skills by getting multiple turnovers and fast breaks. Reed struggled to push through the defensive line as well as missing many shots. The first half ended 42-17.

As the second half of the game preceded, the team remained consistent. A star player for reed, however, TJ Coulter (5) put up a good defense that the miners seemed to slip a little. The Miners ended the third quarter 63-32. The last quarter of the game consisted of continuous domination of the court and ended 72-34 being the final score.

The team played excellently together and showed what it takes to get into playoffs. This was the last game of the regular season. When asked about the team and how they felt about moving onto the playoffs, fan Eoghan Gormley stated, “I think this game was a great end to the regular season, it proves the point that we are a tough competitor in the playoffs.” Manogue plays in the playoffs next week and is hopeful to make it to regionals this year.