Manogue Girls JV Lacrosse : Looking Forward and Looking Back

Ludmilla Marincic, Staff Writer

Beneath the oppressive sun, the shouts of “I got ball!” and “let’s go Miners” fill the air. The Bishop Manogue Girls JV Lacrosse team is warming up and prepping for their game against Douglas High School. All the players are psyching themselves up, once they get into their winning mindset, there is no goal they cannot accomplish.

Manogue’s advantage in this game is its plentiful players allowing for substitutions made easy in the 80 degree weather. Compared to Douglas’s two available substitutes, the Manogue team can afford to save their energy. Their white uniforms also help to protect them from the sun and the heat. Manogue is victorious, running metaphorical circles around their opponents. It is easy to see that the Douglas team is fatigued, as gameplay falls mostly around their goal zone.

After another 20 minutes of intense competition, the game ends and Manogue comes out on top, 13: 2. The teams congratulate and thank each other and player Maile Green is voted to be the MVP and awarded with the head of a baby doll. When asked about her experiences in Lacrosse she said, “I love the coach. I love the girls. We are a great team, and have great chemistry. It’s more fun at practice.”

By observing the team’s gameplay, you can see high levels of communication and support between team members. All this helps to add into this team’s mojo and winning spirit. Before this lacrosse season, Maile had “never picked up a stick before,” she said to me when asked about how she has improved this season. To go from such a new player to the game MVP is an impressive feat, and a testament to the grit possessed by the girls JV lacrosse team.

Moriah, the goalie, explains that at the beginning of the season she “couldn’t catch or throw,” but after rigorous practice and training she is now “the JV and Varsity sub goalie!” She said with a smile. Her comment about her gameplay at this game was “I literally felt like a ninja.”

I was able to discuss with Coach Sophia about how she felt that her team has improved over the course of the season. She described today’s game as “excellent, lots of subbing. All the gals were getting goals”. When I asked about the team’s trajectory over the year, she said there was, “Significant improvement on all ends. Considering that 70% of my team are players who have never played before this season.” When looking to the future of the team, Coach Sophia said, “Still a lot of season left. Looking forward to it!”