Mrs. Kersten – Cultural Anthropology Teacher at Bishop Manogue


Zane Woods, Staff Writer

Mrs. Kersten is a cultural anthropology teacher at Bishop Manogue. Cultural anthropology is a class for freshmen and she loves teaching. She is passionate and dedicated about her career. She started in 1996 as a 5th grade teacher. She originally took the job because she needed it. She found out that she loved teaching though, so she continued teaching. She then became a high school French teacher for nine years. She then took a break to pursue other jobs, but she was called back to teaching and she became the cultural anthropology teacher for Bishop Manogue.

She loves being a teacher. Her favorite thing about teaching is the students. She loves their creativity and their humor. She never gets bored and she gets great satisfaction in seeing them succeed. When she’s at home and not teaching she enjoys cleaning her house. She also has a passion for her garden. She loves planting new plants every year for her garden. She also loves taking care of horses. She is dedicated to her plants and horses, like she’s dedicated to her students.

She does her hobbies like she does her job. She works with enthusiasm and attention to detail. She truly cares about her students and she is committed to helping them succeed. Her fun and lively attitude shines throughout Bishop Manogue and it has made an impact on all her student’s lives. She is a valuable asset to the Bishop Manogue community.