Bishop Manogue Seniors Will be Sorely Missed Next Basketball Season

Ryder Gini, Staff Writer

Bishop Manogue had a riveting basketball season this year, winning twelve of sixteen games. This earned them the third seed in the playoffs, and eventually they upset their way to a Northern Nevada regional title, thanks in part to a some seniors who will be sorely missed next season.

Manogue has a star combo guard in Jordan Morency who seems to play better the more pressure there is. For example, Jordan had 4 threes in a tense playoff environment against Liberty. A good shooter, Jordan averaged 35% from deep and 52% from 2 Jordan has had some amazing and some terrible games. Scoring 28 versus Reno high school at one point. However Jordan has a consistency problem and can have some terrible games, such as his 0 for 4 game at Douglas. Jordan also is decently inefficient with a season 42% field goal percentage. He definitely has potential to be a star offense player if he can increase his offensive bag and efficiency.

Isaiah Garcia, Zay is a 6’2″ combo guard with fantastic explosive potential. He is a threat on both sides of the court and can change the pace of a game. A great two-way player, Isaiah’s quick changes of direction and explosive power can get him to the hoop with ease. On the other side of the court his athleticism and surprising length for his height keeps him in front of smaller guards, and his 1.4 steals per game are a game changer on that side of the ball. A key player to Manogue’s pace, Isaiah can have upward of 4 steals in some good games. However, while Isaiah’s normal field goal efficiency is average at 49%, his three balls are very much lacking. With a terrible 23% from deep it seems teams invited him to shoot the three this year due to his 74 takes. Isaiah is a very valuable consistent key player for Manogue on both offense and defense this year.

Carson Jensen, a 6 ‘5 big, quick for his size and a great textbook big man, put up an efficient 10.3 points per game, and a great 5.3 rebounds per game. Carson is a great paint presence and has made himself known for going for posters and dunks. This makes him a flash player but sometimes he’d rather go for a dunk than an easy lay and miss easy points. Carson feeds off all energies and puts all of himself on the floor. Carson gives it 110% and leaves nothing left. A great player but too small to be a college big, until he changes his play to be a bit more guard-like he most likely won’t have a future in college basketball at the highest level. Carson has not committed to a college and is taking a gap year.

Logan Howren, a great role player and a fantastic playmaker Logan averaged a good 6.7 points, 4.3 assists, and 5.2 rebounds. But if mediocre on offense, Logan is a beast on defense with his 2.3 steals and 1.2 blocks per game. A terrifying paint presence, Logan made himself known as a great ball defender and help defender. Quite small for his position at the power forward at 6 ‘3 Logan is too slow at changing direction to really be a good guard in college, but that doesn’t matter as a great two sport athlete Logan was the starting quarterback for Manogue and plans to walk-on at UNR’s D1 football team.
A great team coached very well, Bishop Manogue is the definition of selfless basketball, all playing fantastic and feeding others, there wasn’t a set scorer on the team and all worked extremely hard, a well deserving team to win the north.