Livin’ the Life of Tilley Guillen


Kate Pagni, Staff Writer

Tilley Guillen is an athletic and inspired high school student who loves soccer, faith, and her family. Guillen is a junior at Bishop Manogue, with plans to graduate and continue to pursue her interests in being a veterinarian by getting a bachelor’s degree in veterinary science. In her free time she babysits, and spends time with her family, going to Idaho and Texas to visit her sisters.

The most important part of Tilleys life is her family, and she says, “My family is my favorite and they are my best friends.” She is the third of four siblings, and she says that “she has learned so much from her family.” Having siblings has taught her not only patience, and how to be kind, but also what it means to love deeper and build strong relationships. The person that she admires the most in her life is her oldest sister, Annsley, because they are very similar and everything she does is out of love. She says, “My sister works so hard to be a good role model for my siblings and I, and she has taught me to be confident in myself, and to never give up.” She commends her sister for her strength and success, and admires how she always finds time to go to church and practice her faith while balancing everything else in her life.
Tilleys faith is an extremely important aspect in her life, and she tries to incorporate it into everything she does. She goes to church weekly and volunteers, giving back for her church and faith. She is also very involved with her community, helping out in her moms classroom, working with kindergarteners.
Tilley is preparing to go to Italy next spring with her family, and she cannot wait. She is so excited to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and eat all of the Italian cuisine, since her favorite food is pasta. Her family plans on going to Cienna, Rome, and Florence, and she is excited to take a true Italian cooking class to learn how to make homemade pesto and focaccia. As the year continues, she is preparing to go to college and vet school, to study to be a veterinarian so that she can help animals and take care of them. She is interested in Boise State and CU Boulder, and she cannot wait to go to college. Although she says that she will miss her family and friends at home, she looks forward to all of the new experiences and memories she will make.

Overall, Tilley is a very hard working and amazing girl. She always has a smile on her face and she lights up any room she is in. She is so friendly and easy to talk to, and I am impressed with how organized, and faithful she is. I am in awe of how much she loves animals, and how she cares so much about her family and friends. I can’t wait to see where Tilley goes in life, and what career she chooses to pursue, because she is going to be so amazing at whatever she does.