White House Plumbers – HBO Takes a New Approach to Telling the Story of the Watergate Scandal


Courtney Potter, Staff Writer

White House Plumbers, a five-part limited series , was just released on HBO Max. The series revisits the infamous Watergate scandal, but puts a comedic spin on it. With standout actors like Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux, White House Plumbers has the potential to be a hit series.

After watching the first episode of the series, I felt mixed opinions. The dialogue and delivery was incredibly witty and the editing had great comedic timing, but the scenes jumped around a bit, which made it confusing to follow. The plot also isn’t primarily concerned with accurately telling the story, but with getting a laugh, which was expected. Harrelson and Theroux bring life and personality to their characters in a way that’s both fun to watch and leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Harrelson and Theroux play Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy in HBO’s ‘White House Plumbers’.

The second part of the series comes out May 8, 2023, and I have high hopes for what it will bring. Seeing a historical series that is also fun to watch is rare, and White House Plumbers seems to boast both qualities.