Happy Trails from the Happiest Place on Earth


Lillian Ferrell, Staff Writer

On May 23, 2023, the BMCHS senior class of 2023 will depart at 8:00 pm for Disneyland Park in Anaheim, California to celebrate their graduation night. The itinerary for the trip is nothing short of a whirlwind, and is bound to be filled with fun, excitement, and a little bit of Disney magic.

To kick off the trip, the class is driving down to Southern California in buses on Tuesday evening, and are set to be in the park by Wednesday morning. The students will spend the entire day “park hopping” between Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks on May 24th. To celebrate graduating high school, Disney will be hosting a “grad night” keeping the park open until 2 am on Thursday morning, exclusively for high school students. BMCHS seniors will then load back onto the buses by 3 am to travel back home.

While Disneyland alone is bound to make the celebration special, the park offers exclusive perks for “grad night” festivities unique to after-hours events. According to Disney Parks representatives, the celebration includes “entertainment experiences”, “unique cafeteria-inspired foods”, “park attractions access, usually with shorter wait times, and more”. Seniors have also been buzzing about the special graduation merchandise offered in the theme parks to commemorate the occasion. From Mickey ears with graduation caps attached to “class of 2023” sweatshirts, Disney plans to pull out all of the stops to make senior classes in the park for the evening feel celebrated.

The weather is expected to be warm and sunny upon their arrival, in Southern California fashion, with a high of 72 degrees Fahrenheit – the perfect weather for a Dole whip and a dose of Disney. Furthermore, the seniors will be able to beat the summer crowds being that the trip is set on a weekday, and their special access to the park into early Thursday morning, all elements to make for a memorable trip.
Despite the quick trip requiring copious amounts of caffeine, the senior class is so excited to be participating in this tradition from recent years at Bishop Manogue. We look forward to seeing pictures of the trip upon their return, and we wish the senior class of 2023 safe travels as they embark on this adventure.