Don’t Turn the Pages to Premiere June 9th


Ludmilla Marincic, Staff Writer

Coming to the BMCHS Film Youtube Channel on Friday June 9th, the uncanny short-film Don’t Turn the Pages will be BMCHS Film’s first film premiere!

Since pre-production began in early November, the Bishop Manogue Film Club has worked tirelessly to complete their yearly short-film. Don’t Turn the Pages, directed by Junior Ludmilla (Millie) Marincic, will be the first one completed by the club. Last year’s 007 flick No Game Like Revenge remains unfinished due to other challenges within the club.

Don’t Turn the Pages written by Sophomore Sophia Rauenhorst, and Freshmen Emilia Hsu, is a chilling tale commenting on various aspects of human relationships through a cracked lens. We follow Rylee Stone (Emilia Hsu), Maya O’Cona (Ludmilla Marincic), Claire Walker (Maile Green), and Victoria Forrest (Janai Ballesteros) as their summer camping trip goes horribly wrong after watching a spooky found footage story on an old camera and reading scary stories from a notebook.

Despite complications with the weather and scheduling, BMCHS Film has seen this project through to the end. The club agreed that horror was a unique genre to explore and it posed its own challenges while still allowing for the members to fulfill the club values of learning about film in a fun, educational, and hands-on environment. Club founder Ludmilla Marincic was quoted, “Everything that we have done this year has been a learning experience. Even when we aren’t making tangible progress, we are still progressing towards our goal. And as long as we keep persevering, we can really do anything.”

She intends to take this mindset into her club next year, using the success of Don’t Turn the Pages as a stepping stone. BMCHS Film will make its third appearance at the annual Manogue club fair, complete with candy! Even if Film isn’t your thing, feel free to stop by and say hello.

Don’t Turn the Pages marks the beginning of a long line of successes for BMCHS Film. The talent and dedication of all the members of this club must be commemorated, because without them and their hard work, these dreams couldn’t be realized.