Students Should be Excused from AP Classes Following the Exam!


Alex Jaffe, Staff Writer

Following the end of the recent AP exams, students return to classes to do essentially nothing. With no new material being taught students should have the opportunity to be excused from these classes. Now, one can argue that this would create too much chaos for teachers, and administrators to deal with, with students coming off and on campus for their non AP classes all throughout the day. But this can be an easy fix: simply say that you must once on campus remain there until your last non AP class of the day. This would limit the students leaving for their one AP class then returning for their next non AP class and so on, if say a student had a AP class then and non AP class, then a AP class and a non AP class, the student could come for their second period, but have to remain on campus until last period. Not only would this decrease time spent idle in classrooms, it would also not be a very complicated issue for administrators to moderate.

This would not only help students because they can spend their time sleeping in, which could increase productivity, but also it would decrease the students time spent doing things like watching TV or playing video games in a stuffy classroom. But this would also help teachers, because they would have more time to grade and plan lessons for other classes without having to entertain or supervise big classrooms full of students, instead just supervising a few and having more focused work.

A junior student from Bishop Manogue, agrees with me Ella Morrow says this on the matter: “I have so many AP classes and all we do is sit around and I watch TV, since it’s so late in the year I do not have much homework that I can be doing in all these classes. Also, since I have so many AP classes I simply do not have enough productive work to go around, with my time already spent at home studying I find myself with nothing to do when I could be sleeping or spending time at home with my family.”

Needless to say, excusing kids from their AP classes after the exam is finished, and creating a rule that keeps kids on campus until the end of their last non AP class would be beneficial to the student body, teachers, and administrators alike.