Leblanc’s Welcome Daughter, Meridian Elise


Meridian Elise Smiling for the camera. (Photo courtesy of Dr. and Ms. Leblanc)

Brian Wiebe, Miner TV Producer

Mrs. Leblanc has returned from maternity leave. Her baby, Meridian Elise Leblanc, was born on Friday, July 13. Mrs. Leblanc said, “It’s been wonderful getting to know her [the baby] and spend time with her but it’s been hard not starting off the school year with my students.” Mr. Hetu was the interim for Mrs. Leblanc.  She also shared, “I am excited and anxious to come back but know it’s going to be a lot of work and very hard being away from my little cutie.” Ms. Leblanc will bring Meridian to the bowling alley; she will be the number one cheerleader during practices and matches throughout the year.