Manogue’s Recent COVID-Related Shutdown


Tyelor Arnold and Nate Salkoff

Mixed feelings surround Bishop Manogue’s scholars when they received news of Manogue’s shutdown on November 4, 2020. 7 positive COVID cases associated with 147 possible students was the cause for the schools sudden closure. The faculty and staff stress the importance of their student’s safety and said that students will return no sooner than the 30th of November, leaving Manogue full of emotions and wonder.
Manogue’s COVID cases were not caused from the school itself, but from outside student parties and events. Such events include a student-run Homecoming dance, simply called “FOCO,” meaning fake homecoming. Several students of the Senior class attended this event resulting in a serious spread of the virus Covid-19. These outside festivities produce frustration for students who do remain socially distant from others and stay away from large gatherings. Freshman Jason Parkins says,”I feel like I am not having as much fun as I could with Manogue being shut down because I could be in class right now with my friends at school!” He is not the only student who feels this way. Many Manogue students feel that these parties and outside events are unfair and irresponsible. However, other Manogue scholars are trying to make life as “normal” as can be. They feel that statistically, the average .05% chance of dying to COVID is being blown out of proportion. Even with safety precautions to reduce the chance of it spreading, there is still no way to control COVID and its effects. Thus creating a dilemma for Manogue and encouraging parents to keep outside gatherings to a minimum.

 COVID Statistics in Nevada (courtesy of The New York Times).

The so-called “divide” in opinions makes it difficult for Manogue’s faculty and staff to not get involved. Recently, Principal Mrs. Thoreson respectfully emailed the Manogue Community communicating that she feels that Manogue is “trapped in the middle of a triangle.” Referring to the expectations they have to please the parents on both sides, those who take COVID “more seriously” and the others who are trying to establish more “normalcy.” She also stated that Manogue has to follow the Health District regulations and follow the plan they submitted to reopen. With all these sides, she wisely stated that regardless of opinions, everyone should agree that the school should remain open, even if that requires a restriction in the number of people for outside events.

The school’s shutdown has primarily been disappointing to Manogue’s Seniors, creating many prayers begging for a normal year. Senior Kyle Larragueta emphasized, “The school being shutdown has made me take for granted our fun and vibrant lifestyle at Bishop Manogue.” Although the required masks, social distancing, and quarantining is draining, Manogue scholars understand they must follow the rules for everyone to be safe. Senior Alyssa Rice agrees saying,” Although I miss my friends at school, I am okay with virtual learning for now, until Manogue is safe enough to return.”

With all the stresses COVID-19 has presented to us, Manogue’s Miners are continuing to quarantine and hopefully return on Campus on November 30, 2020. Even with the diverse opinions and complications Manogue is being faced with, everyone wants one thing; to return back to campus and enjoy the little 2020 has given us.