Are People Taking COVID Precautions Seriously Enough?


Christian Olsen, Staff Writer

Covid 19 is a part of everyone’s daily lives and most people are doing their part to help stop the spread of this life halting virus. Unfortunately not everyone likes to take this situation seriously. People are risking their personal health to make sure other people can have their daily lives still somewhat functional.

Working at a grocery store for instance really shows you what everyday people are doing to help protect themselves and others against the virus. You might see people who are more prepared wearing gloves, headphones, sunglasses, and multiple masks. You’ll then find others who have on what needs to be worn and know that they are doing their part. Then you’ll see people who wear below the bare minimum of masks, wear masks that aren’t ethical, or who just don’t wear them at all.

“Seeing customers who wear unethical masks just boils my blood,” says a grocery store employee.

Talking to a few employees over at a local grocery store, one stated, “We come out here at minimum wage and risk our personal health to make sure you can have a safe shopping experience and get your groceries, while we do this the least you can do is wear a masks and do your part to slow the spread.” Hearing the responses from these employees shows you how inconsiderate some people are when it comes to keeping each other safe. They’ll do their part to help, but not if it brings them the slightest inconvenience.