First Home Game for Girls Soccer Offers Mixed Results

Cole Rodriguez, Writer

The girls soccer teams played their first home game this August 31st, offering mixed results in both games. Varsity finished their game 0-1 while J.V. ended their match with a whopping 4-1 finish against their opponent Spanish Springs. Each team had their ups and down but they were great games nevertheless.

The Varsity team’s match ended 0-1 against Spanish Springs. The Miners were looking lively out on the field with number #22 Eva Damonte playing great offense. Unfortunately Spanish Springs played a little dirty so they got the upper hand on our Miners. It was 0-1 by the end of the half.

The second half came and went, unfortunately Varsity wasn’t able to get one on the board, ending the game 0-1. We Interviewed goalkeeper Dani Taylor after the game and she had this to say: “You just gotta let it go and focus on the now, I can’t really fix it. So I just gotta focus on what I can do and what I can fix.” It sounds like for their next game they’ll be ready. And hopefully they will be able to train on the field. “We’ve been having to practice inside which isn’t realistic to outdoors, which is more of a disadvantage,” Dani added. Spirits were low for the Varsity team but hopefully their next match will turn out differently.

Fortunately the same could not be said for J.V. They won their game 4-1 against Spanish Springs with three out of the four goals coming from #7 Anna Alonso. They were doing great, having a 1 point lead by the end of the first half, which must have kickstarted their spirits and led them to victory. With Anna Alonso doing very well in the first half with 1 goal, she showed great skill and teamwork on the field.

The second half of the J.V. game was immaculate. #4 Delaney Desmond scored a goal alongside Anna Alonso who scored two more in the second half! Anna was doing exceptionally well and hopefully we can get to see her join Varsity very soon.

That’s it for the game report. We hope that more Miners will be there for the next home game against Reno Highschool September 3rd.