Fatal Plane Crash Leaves Many Questioning Whether Air Races Should Continue


The fire from the crash can be seen from very far away.

Ludmilla Marincic, Staff Writer

The debate over the future of the Reno Air Races has increased since the deadly crash of Aaron Hogue on Sunday, September 18.

It is no surprise that flying small, fast, expensive planes, like the Aero Vodochody L-39 flown by Hogue, at speeds around 400 mph is a highly dangerous sport. Accidents are unfortunately common and almost always lethal. Since the first crash in 1972, as many as 21 pilots, 1 wing walker, and 10 spectators have been killed, with numerous others injured. After any such accident, the events for only the rest of the day are canceled and then the festivities continue as normal.

Letting events like this continue without change is at best ignorance, and at worst gross negligence. Long standing traditions aside, if people are dying at a consistent rate, shouldn’t something be done about it?