A Disney Trip Review

Ryder Gini, Staff Writer

A small catholic school in Reno Nevada, Bishop Manogue Catholic High School has an event every year for their seniors. All of them show up in front of the school in their comfy clothes at 8 pm. They all go into the school and begin their bag checks. These seniors are going on an overnight trip to Disneyland! This writer was on that trip and will tell you his experience.

The moment we got on the bus at 9 pm everyone was talking, but 30 min later everyone was trying to sleep. I am a tall person, and when someone reclines their seat enough my knees could not fit in the leg area, so when the person in front of me (someone 4 inches shorter than me) reclined their chair back all the way within an hour of the overnight ride, I knew I was in for quite a night. This night consisted of being miserable while trying to sleep, on top of the person in front of me snoring. But alas we finally arrived at DIsney after 10 miserable hours.

We arrived at Disney and happily went about our day. We went on Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, Star Wars, and my personal favorite Indiana Jones. The Indiana Jones movies are my favorite movie franchise so I came in with high expectations. All were met and exceeded. The waiting area was so awesome and the theme was amazing. The actual ride itself was bumpy and turny and reminded me of the movies. I was in the very front and I had a fantastic time. But after I left the Indiana Jones ride at about 4, who knew I would be there for another 10 hours. Whose idea was it to have us there for a total of 18 hours? Disney is no longer the happiest place on earth after 18 hours. And as an amazing reward I got to sleep on the dirty claustrophobic floor stretched out under seats and across isles. I’m much happier that I did that, however, because I actually got a lot of sleep. When I woke up I appreciated the experience with my friends and as one of my final memories as a senior, but I would not be doing that again.