Manogue’s Senior Sunset 2023

Manogues Senior Sunset 2023

Kate Pagni, Staff Writer

On June 1st, 2023 Bishop Manogue is holding their annual senior sunset to end the year. This event is the perfect way to end the year with the senior class; it’s sentimental, provides closure, and is one last time with only the seniors to say goodbye. It has provided some amazing memories before graduation, and is a great way for all of the seniors to say one last goodbye before college!

Teachers and students will come together on the front lawn to celebrate the last week of school, as they cozy up to watch the sunset together. There will be food and drinks for everyone, and one last chance for seniors to make memories and share their favorite stories from the year. Student Lily Ferrell says “I cannot wait to hang out with my friends and spend one last night with everyone together!” Many Bishop Manogue students are glad for this opportunity to spend time together before they leave for college and are thankful for the school holding this event.

Teacher Mr. Frensdorff is excited “to see the seniors one last time, and listen to all of the funny stories they tell.” The Senior Sunset is also a great time to talk about the baccalaureate mass, graduation, and plans during the summer and college before everyone goes their own ways. Students are looking forward to this last time to come together and share the tales of the class of 23’ over the years, and they also can’t wait to celebrate the friendships they have made throughout the 4 years.

Overall the senior sunset is a great way to remember the best memories students have made and share all of the best times they had together. It gives them a chance to come together for one last time and help students remember how great Bishop Manogue truly was, and why they made such an amazing choice coming to school. The event is on June 1st from 6:30-8:30 so seniors, make sure to come out and participate one last time for lasting memories and great times with your friends!