The First Annual Miner Detail Spikeball Tournament Has Many Twists and Turns


Zane Woods

The Miner Detail staff held a double elimination spikeball tournament on Tuesday and Thursday last week to see who was the best spikeball duo in the staff. There were also a lot of twists and turns along the way.
The first match was Julianna and Courtney vs Ryder and Seabass. It wasn’t close, even though Julianna and Courtney tried to comeback, the result was 11-2, with Ryder and Seabass taking the victory. Up next was Alex and Kate vs Cole and Zane. Cole and Zane had great teamwork and they defeated Alex and Kate 11-4. The match between Brooke and Ela and Lily and Mandy had an amazing comeback that saw Brooke and Ela win 11-9. Unfortunately that comeback was for nothing because they lost the next game against Zane and Cole, 11-6, where they tried to mount another comeback.
Brooke and Ela’s would, however, be disqualified on Thursday because Ela didn’t show up. Brooke joined Kate’s team because Alex hurt her finger and she couldn’t participate. Brooke and Kate then played Lily and Mandy where they won 11-8, eliminating Lily and Mandy from the tournament. Thursday was the first appearance for Mr. C and Cade where they got blown out by Ryder and Seabass. Cade and Mr. C then had to play Brooke and Kate where they were eliminated in the tournament after losing 11-5. Brooke and Kate then played Julianna and Courtney, and Brooke and Kate won the match 11-4.
The big semifinal matchup between Ryder and Seabass and Zane and Cole was one that everyone was excited about. It was a really good game that went over eleven points with Ryder and Seabass defeating Zane and Cole 12-10. After the match, Seabass said, “They were our best competition. I’m looking forward to seeing them in the finals.”
Next week, Cole and Zane will face Brooke and Kate and the winner of that match will have to face the tough duo of Ryder and Seabass.