Niall Horan: New Single “Heaven” and Upcoming Album


Amanda Yount, Staff Writer

Former One Direction member Niall Horan recently released his new single “Heaven” on February 17th, followed by the announcement of his new album The Show, set to be released June 9th of this year. Fans are eagerly anticipating his next album, considering he hasn’t released one since Heartbreak Whether in 2020. Horan teased the release of his new single by posting short video clips of him singing lyrics from “Heaven” before announcing the release date via Instagram on January 26.

After listening to some of Niall’s music post-One Direction, I’ve noticed his good songs are the singles and the other songs on his albums aren’t that great. For example, the only songs on his debut album, Flicker (2017), that I would choose to listen to are “This Town,” “Seeing Blind,” and “Slow Hands,” which make up about half of the singles on this album. The only song on Heartbreak Whether I actually liked was “Nice to Meet Ya.” This makes me wonder if “Heaven” is the best we will get on his new album or if he will break his normal pattern of decent singles and whole albums that aren’t necessarily worth a whole listen-though. I have high hopes but low expectations to be honest. Niall also announced that the music video for “Heaven” will be released this Friday, February 24. Once again, my expectations are not that high considering he is not known for the most notable music videos. All that being said, I think “Heaven” is a pretty good song and has a nice, dreamy quality to it, and I will be listening to the rest of The Show when it comes out against my better judgment.

“Heaven” is now out on all streaming platforms and will soon be followed by its music video as well as Niall Horan’s new album, The Show.