Celcius May Not Be As Healthy As You Think, And Here’s Why

Celcius May Not Be As Healthy As You Think, And Heres Why

Kate Pagni, Staff Writer

Energy drinks have come a long way from today’s options and are now delicious and even promise a variety of health benefits. One of the most popular drinks on the market is Celsius, an energy drink which claims the ability to help you burn more calories by boosting your metabolism. Although this claim may sound enticing, is this option actually good for you?

According to the company website, Celsius “stands out against other brands” because their drinks are made with “healthier” ingredients like ginger and green tea. Each drink contains seven essential vitamins, has no sugar, artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

I can confirm that Celsius tastes great and makes me feel more energized, but I have questioned the legitimacy of the statements on the can. Can it really speed up my metabolism or burn body fat? Are the nutritional claims really true, or are there hidden sugars? The company cites six different studies on their website that show promising evidence about Celsius’s thermogenic properties, and health experts have agreed that these studies seem legit, although they note that the benefits will be short-lived. These nutritionists have agreed that thermogenic beverages can boost the human metabolism temporarily, but there is no evidence that anyone has lost weight or maintained their current weight by drinking these beverages as a component of their diet.

Another reason Celsius energy drinks are believed to be healthy is that they contain several vitamins and minerals that come with various health benefits. This claim may be a selling point to many looking for a healthier energy drink option, and getting so many vitamins from a single energy drink shouldn’t harm you, but most of it will simply pass through and leave your body, because you will only absorb a small amount at once.

Overall, Celsius drinks aren’t a miracle beverage that will lead to a healthier body. However, I think that they contain a lot of good ingredients, and can be used to help get in a good workout and possibly burn more calories in the short term. Incorporating them into an otherwise healthy lifestyle certainly can’t hurt – just, per usual, consume them in moderation.